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Fishing game is a kind of casual entertainment game. Simple operations, picturesque screen, and rich contents make the popularity of fishing games more and more popular. With high-definition graphics, our fishing games deliver the most realistic fishing experience possible on a PC or mobile. You’ll be amazed at how accurately our games replicate impressive fighting strength and gameplay. Your search for the perfect fishing game ends here!

Top 5 most popular fish games

Dinosaur Tycoon

Game Info

Publish Time: 2019
Highest Multiplier: 1500X
Overview: This is a dinosaur themed game with a very unique appearance and lively animations, the players can experience incredible immersion with the dinosaurs!

All-Star Fishing

Game Info

Publish Time: 2021
Highest Multiplier: 1200X
Overview: Find the many kings of the ocean, giant crocodiles, giant octopuses and more in All-Star Fishing Fish Shootout.

Bombing Fishing

Game Info

Publish Time: 2019
Highest Multiplier: 1200X
Overview: Bombing Fishing is one of the most popular fishing games to date. With the innovative gold bomb and torpedo mode, you can bombard the fishing grounds, blast targets and enjoy a more active gaming experience.

Dragon Fortune

Game Info

Publish Time: 2020
Highest Multiplier: 800X
Overview: The classic shooting game graphics are presented to the player, in the air with the dragon fierce battle it, aim at the final boss to win huge bonuses.

Boom Legend

Game Info

Publish Time: 2021
Highest Multiplier: 888X
Overview: Boom Legend is a cool fishing game! In such games, you will have endless fun and the best features are: Cyclops and Vikings are waiting for you!

Fishing game, an extremely addictive gameplay

Fishing game, with extremely addictive gameplay. It is a shooting game of catching fish with weapons. In the game, players will search of the ocean for fish to shoot, the gameplay is very simple, players just need to use the mouse or finger to move the gun pointer to aim at a variety of different underwater creatures, and then left click on them. After selecting all kinds of weapons, you can match different combinations of guns to shoot different marine organisms by choosing different attack methods and patterns! Players can control their character to move and shoot at the target fishes. It is made up of beautiful interface and scene, realistic physical collision and smooth background music which give player a new feeling.

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